International School Le * Mat presents

Living with Tarot


Hello friends! We are the International School of Tarot LEMAT, with more than 35 years of experience, and more than 1000 students worldwide, and promoter of the Code of Ethics.

The uniformity in our teaching method allows students to continue their training regardless of their place of residence. We also have teaching staff in different countries around the world.

It also allows you to one day become one of our certified teachers. Or one of our researchers, whose discoveries become part of our training.

Do you want to make Tarot your job? What are your main fears?

  • The fear of making mistakes or not doing it right
  • The acceptance of your family and friends
  • Not knowing how to train for your needs and budget
  • Others?

We know that all this worries you, that is why we have created this Mini Course 100% free of charge, where we will share with you the Keys to be able to work in Tarot in exactly the way you want.

Professionally, as a therapist, trainer, researcher ...

Or in a non-professional way, but having Tarot present in your life, providing value to you and your loved ones, who also respect and value you.

Take the next step to achieve your dream of Living with Tarot!

If you have any questions or want to contact technical support you can send an email to

LEMAT - International Tarot School of Marseille

C / Irlanda, 36 08030 Barcelona (Spain)